Innovation increases capacity in refrigerated deliveries.

Refrigeration units with up to 40% more capacity

The exceptionally hot summers of recent years have placed new demands on all refrigeration transports on the road network. Hultsteins has long worked to increase the refrigeration capacity of the transport refrigeration units we manufacture. A new innovation is now helping us to meet the higher demand to quickly chill food and other refrigerated goods when making deliveries to food stores, for example.

Hultsteins has been developing hydraulic units for refrigerated deliveries for the last six decades, and now we can present a further development that makes it possible to increase total refrigeration capacity by 30-40% depending on the unit used.

“As an innovating company, we are constantly working to improve our handling of food, for example, regardless of what is happening in the wider world. Given the warm weather, however, now seems the right time for us to significantly increase the refrigeration capacity in our refrigeration units,” says Börje Axelsson, CEO at Hultsteins.

The increase in capacity is a result of Hultsteins work on developing new units, but the new technology can also be implemented on our earlier units. With a higher refrigeration capacity, the vehicle’s cargo space can be chilled more quickly, which is especially desirable for vehicles that have to make many deliveries during a working day. This also allows you to use a smaller and slimmer unit than what was previously required to achieve the desired refrigeration capacity.

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