Diesel-free options for all vehicles

How do you transport your refrigerated goods? Regardless of the answer, there are no dead ends at Hultsteins. Our diesel-free refrigeration systems have been developed to suit different types of vehicles.

Our first and best advice – use only the truck engine. It will always be the cleanest engine on the vehicle. Thanks to the electric and hydraulic technology, all Hultsteins solutions are diesel-free, and we offer refrigeration units for distribution vehicles, trailers tractors and tractors and trailers. Whichever solution you choose, it will reduce both fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Do you own an older refrigeration vehicle? Then our hydraulic/electric generator Ecogen is the best choice. The truck’s PTO is used to power the generator and all refrigeration units equipped for mains operation can be powered by Ecogen. This allows you to convert a traditional unit from diesel to electric power.

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