Hydraulic ECOGEN Lowline 20

Ecogen is a hybrid-drive system that harnesses kinetic energy from the truck and recycles it into electrical energy for the transport refrigeration unit.


ECOGEN Is a Clip on Hydraulic Generator powered from the truck, or
tractor units Engine drive PTO. It provides constant 400 volt 3 phase electrical power to the same standard, as the mains supply.

Ecogen, plugs into any vehicle refrigeration unit with mains electric operation. This will power traditional Diesel-powered refrigeration units, with electric generated from the truck engine at full capacity whether travelling through towns and cities or cross country. This will reduce the fuel consumed to cool the load, and lower the Emissions produced by the refrigeration,  to the same standard as the truck or tractor unit.

Ecogen, will transform the vehicle into a mobile generator capable of powering anything electric up to 50KVA.

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Ecogen – functional design combined with major fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.

Improvement of air quality through reduced CO2, Nox and particulate
Reduced fuel consumption
Low maintenance
Safeguarding your business from potential lorry restrictions

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